Thrive Digital – Is Export Led E-Commerce Growth Right for My Business?

BIOS is pleased to introduce a new speaker – Emil Stickland, Director @ Thrive Digital. His talk will centre around whether you can benefit from export led ecommerce. Emil has some impressive credentials when it comes to international e-commerce. While developing a global digital strategy at Rubik’s Cube he worked with companies such as Google, Amazon and Hasbro on various projects including a Google Doodle. Emil is now one of the people running Thrive Digital, an agency that specialises in helping companies expand their online presence abroad.

Emil has produced a FREE 17 page report as part of BIOS, detailing everything that you need to know and think about when exporting online.

Emil says:
The first step is to establish whether it is possible to benefit from engaging with new markets online. Even with a successful UK e-commerce business or a thriving export business, don’t automatically assume that it is possible to transfer competitive advantage to your exporting business online. If, at the beginning, you can ascertain whether your company could benefit from internationalising ecommerce it could save considerable cost further down the line.

The aim of the document is to provide tools and ideas that will help when deciding whether or not an international ecommerce approach warrants further investigation.

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