BIOS - 13th March 2018

The Business In & Out of Scotland Conference (BIOS) is aimed at exploring, educating and championing Scottish businesses/brands in or linked with the export and import trade industries. Did you know that 50% of all exports from Scotland are done by just 50 companies? BIOS brings together companies to share the export journey, share their experiences and learn about how they can grow their offering outside of Scotland.

Whether you are selling a product or service and want to expand your client base, extend your geographical reach or simply connect with ambitious businesses, this is the event for you. The BIOS Conference is an interactive day with VIP talks and relevant case studies which will walk you through 5 of the key steps to exporting.

Feedback from BIOS 2016 was extremely positive and BIOS 2018 is set to be even bigger with more companies and more exposure. Expect upwards of 500 delegates and over 50 exhibitors from a range of exciting Scottish brands and service providers with a link to the industry.





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Why attend BIOS?

To listen and speak with experts who have hands on experience in brand protection would allow me to ensure the core IP of the business is fully prepared for pushing forward with international reach. Currently the business has only engaged with a few North American clients with the prime purpose of building case studies and a start-up track record. Before the business enters its full export strategy into this region in a specific sector, speaking to those who have the war wounds would be invaluable opposed to theory based advice.
Prickly Thistle
Cutitronics services international customers all of whom are global brand names. We have been asked to be a full turnkey supplier designing our technology specifically for their needs supplying internationally. Attending this conference would allow us to gain a better grasp of the challenges in trading internationally from Scotland and to network with those who can assist us on this path. The other area covered that is of particular interest is that of international finance as this will be a key focus for us in the near future.