Gordon MacIntyre-Kemp to offer his extensive business expertise on the export market – BIOS conference,

Get involved in Scotland’s major Business Import/Export conference this month as we welcome Business for Scotland’s Chief Executive Gordon MacIntyre-Kemp as guest speaker at
this prestigious event.


The launch of the BIOS (Business In and Out of Scotland) conference is just weeks away and we are thrilled to announce that business expert Gordon MacIntyre-Kemp will be joining us to discuss the potential of Scotland’s thriving export market.

Founded in 2011 by Gordon and six SME business, Business for Scotland is a progressive think tank and network, aimed to champion Scottish businesses and support their growth. With over 4,000 members including business managers and business owners, Chief Executive Gordon and his team have built a strong network within Business for Scotland.

With Gordon’s passion for Scotland and the Scottish business community, along with his knowledge of export markets, he will no doubt serve as a great influence as one our VIP keynote speakers at the full day conference.

BIOS has already gathered significant interest from businesses across the country and the day is setting out to be a valuable and potentially profitable experience for all involved. BIOS will help raise significant questions and generate relevant answers on what is currently happening in trade in Scotland. Your ticket to BIOS will allow you to hear Gordon share his knowledge and experiences, as well as having the chance to become one of Business for Scotland’s associates or stakeholders.

This month’s BIOS conference is getting closer. Do not miss your chance to network and gain exciting professional opportunities through learning about the country’s import and export markets. Join us as we host Gordon MacIntyre- Kemp and other experts to deliver speeches, Q&A sessions, debates and seminars.

BIOS will take place at Dynamic Earth in Edinburgh on 27th October 2016. Limited spaces available – BUY NOW