Scotland’s finest business, economy and policy experts to deliver talks at major Import / Export conference – BIOS, 27th October

Join Lord Andrew Dunlop, Gordon McIntyre-Kemp and Professor Graeme Roy, and other business leaders, as they discuss business trade in Scotland. Get your ticket today to become a part of BIOS, hear our VIPs deliver their expertise on the import and export markets.


BIOS (Businsess In and Out of Scotland) encourages growth and development in Scottish trade industries. This full day conference is a significant event that is set to make a real impact on Scotland and its business world.


Prestigious talks at BIOS will cover a range of relevant topics; three of our VIP speakers share a breadth of skills and knowledge across a range of sectors in academia and politics. They
will share their experiences and discuss their findings to provide guests with the chance to truly learn and interact with what is happening in trade in Scotland right now.

As professionals and experts in their field, Andrew Dunlop, Gordon McIntyre-Kemp and Prof. Graeme Roy take immense pride in the Scottish business community and are dedicated to its  continuing growth and development as a major player in the import and export market.

Brexit: what will it mean for you and your business? Important questions such as this will be raised at the conference talks in order to give clarity and provide financial intelligence on the most significant change in recent British history. Delegates will come away from BIOS with a clearer grasp on Brexit and how it affects them now and in the future.

BIOS is an interactive day with VIP talks, facilitated Q&As, and the chance for intimate and detailed discussions with industry colleagues, potential clients, and expert speakers in our afternoon seminars. Networking opportunities are vast with the potential to expand, extend and grow your business or services at this conference.

BIOS will increase knowledge and awareness for businesses, whilst providing the availability to finance their next moves. Current and future Scottish trade is at the forefront of BIOS, outlining what to expect from the aftermath of Brexit and the various changes that might affect businesses in Scotland.

We are all affected by the import / export market in Scotland – BIOS will provide questions and generate answers on these important developments. Do not miss your chance to be a part of it. For more details and to secure your ticket to this prestigious event, go to\